Costco Global Card

Loss or theft of the credit card

In the case of loss or theft of Costco Global Card, notify a nearby police station or police booth and immediately contact the following loss/theft reception dial.

Loss and theft compensation

Should your card used illegally due to loss or theft, Orico would bear the loss of the illegal use up to 60 days before your notification. For details, please contact the following loss and theft reception dial.

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    We may not be able to compensate for damage caused by your gross negligence, etc.
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    The loss and theft compensation may not apply to a card without your signature. Please confirm it before using your card.
No need to worry about trouble!


If I lose my Costco Global Card, how will my rewards be handled?

You rewards will be transferred to the newly issued Costco Global Card.

I lost Costco Global Card.

If you lose Costco Global Card, notify the police and contact the following loss and theft reception dial.

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Loss and theft reception dial

From a land line
From a mobile phone
Loss and theft of your card in a foreign country
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    81 is the Japanese country code.
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    When using this service, please confirm how to use the international dial in that country and make a collect call.
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    A collect call is not available in some countries.
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    Confirm the phone number before making a call not to make a call to a wrong number.
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    Note that if you notify loss or theft, both your main member card and family member card will be canceled and then become unusable.
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    Depending on your card, the re-issuance commission may be charged.