Costco Global Card

Special offer for combination with the ETC card and family card

What is the family card?

The family card is the card which you can issue for your family member aged 18 or older (excluding high-school students) living within the same household as the card holder. Even a family member without income can own a credit card and receive the services equivalent to those for the card holder. The family card is issued for the family member under the agreement of the card holder. Basically, the family card is usable within the usage limit of the card of the card holder, so no examination shall be done for new issuance. The annual fee of the family card of Orico is free and payments and you can manage payments and points together. The more the usage amount of the card is, the higher reward return rate becomes. If you get together usage with the family card, you can get rewards more efficiently.

Family card

  • The annual fee is free! You can register one family member!
  • You can also get rewards from usage by the family member!
    * Rewards are given to the card of the main member reflecting the usage amount of the family card as well.
  • You can manage usage with one payment account!
  • The family member can receive the same compensations of the overseas and domestic travel accident insurances, etc. as those for the main member.

Application for the family member

Request for information materials for application for the family cardopens in a new tab

It takes about two weeks after Orico receives an application sheet to deliver a card to you.
The spouse (including a partner with a separate family name or the same sex), parents, and children (excluding high-school students) aged 18 or older in the same household as the main member are eligible for the family card.
Only one family member can apply for the family card, so be sure that you have no family card member yet.

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What is the ETC card?

It is the IC card for the payment of the toll when you pass through a toll road using an ETC system. Orico issues only one ETC card per credit card. An ETC card is delivered to you within about one to two weeks from the application.

ETC card

  • The annual fee is free!
  • You can also get rewards from usage of the ETC card!
  • You can also receive the ETC mileage service, ETC discount, ETC usage inquiry service, etc.!
  • You can also use it for a motorbike or a rental car!

Application for the ETC card

Click here to apply for the ETC cardopens in a new tab

You can easily apply for the ETC card from the e-Orico service.

Flow of the application for the ETC card
Log in to "e-Orico Service" => "Applications" => "Application for the ETC card"

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