Costco Global Card

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Mastercard®Contactless function

With the touch payment of Mastercard, you can make a payment by one touch

All you have to do is to pass your card over the reader at a Mastercard member store with as a support mark of Mastercard Contactless. No signature or security code is required.
Costco Global card had the function called Mastercard Contactless. You can make a quick and easy payment at a cash register by passing your card over the reader.

It achieves a high level of security by adopting the world-class security technology (EMV), so you can use it for shopping at ease.
You can also use Mastercard Contactless in various overseas places around the world.
The amount paid by Mastercard Contactless is added to the points of the credit card. It is more economical than a cash payment because you can get points even for small-amount payments

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    You cannot use it at Costco warehouse stores.

You can use it at stores with a Mastercard Contactless mark.

When making a payment, please say "Master!." All you have to do is to pass a card over the reader after the light of the reader flashes.

The payment is completed when you pass the card over the reader. No signature or security code is required.
A signature may be required depending on the store and usage amount.

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