Costco Global Card

About the application for the card

Can a minor apply for the card?

Those who are aged 18 or older (excluding high-school students) can apply for the card at the Costco Global Counter of a warehouse store. An application by a minor requires an agreement of a person with parental authority.

May a housewife or part-timer apply for the card?

A housewife or part-timer can also apply for the card. Note that we may reject an application depending on the result of the examination.

Can I issue a family card of Costco Global Card? How many family cards can be issued?

You can issue only one family card of Costco Global Card.

Please explain the annual fee of Costco Global Card.

The annual fee of Costco Global Card for the first year is free. The annual fee for the following years is 1,375 yen (including tax) but will be free if you use the card more than once in the year.

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    The period for which the annual fee will be free is one year from the month before the date of expiration of the card.
    (e.g. If the month of expiration is June, May 1st of the preceding year to April 30th of this year)

Can I apply for Costco Global Card even if I am not a Costco member.

You cannot apply for Costco Global Card without a Costco membership card issued in Japan. For the Costco membership, please contact the Costco customer service.

Navigation dial: 0570-200-800
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    About 8 yen/180 seconds from a land line, 20 yen/10 seconds from a mobile phone
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    The local call discount service of land line is not applicable.
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    For mobile phone, the free call/fixed fee service is not applicable.
For a mobile phone fixed-rate plan, international call, or IP telephone: 03-6734-6477

[Business hours] 9:00AM to 7:00PM (7 days a week)

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    Excluding January 1st
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    9:00AM to 8:00PM at normal time
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    Now, we are running the customer service with less staff attending the office for prevention of spread of the novel coronavirus. Because of it, we have shortened the business hours of the customer service as mentioned above. Sorry for inconvenience.