Costco Global Card

About loss and cancellation of the membership

If I lose my Costco Global Card, how will my rewards be handled?

You rewards will be transferred to the newly issued Costco Global Card.

How will cashback rewards be handled if I cancel the Costco membership?

How will cashback rewards expire if I cancel the Costco membership? They will become usable if you re-apply for or renew your membership.

Will the Costco membership be canceled if I cancel Costco Global Card?

The Costco membership will not be canceled even if you cancel Costco Global Card.
For cancellation of the Costco membership, please contact the Costco customer service.

Navigation dial: 0570-200-800
  • *
    About 8 yen/180 seconds from a land line, 20 yen/10 seconds from a mobile phone
  • *
    The local call discount service of land line is not applicable.
  • *
    For mobile phone, the free call/fixed fee service is not applicable.
For a mobile phone fixed-rate plan, international call, or IP telephone: 03-6734-6477

[Business hours] 9:00AM to 7:00PM (7 days a week)

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    Excluding January 1st
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    9:00AM to 8:00PM at normal time
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    Now, we are running the customer service with less staff attending the office for prevention of spread of the novel coronavirus. Because of it, we have shortened the business hours of the customer service as mentioned above. Sorry for inconvenience.

I lost Costco Global Card.

If you lose Costco Global Card, notify the police and contact the Orico Card Center.

Orico Card Center
  • Sapporo: 011-261-6002
  • Sendai: 022-215-2655
  • Tokyo: 049-271-3330
  • Nagoya: 052-735-3525
  • Osaka: 06-6821-3860
  • Hiroshima: 082-225-5360
  • Fukuoka: 092-722-5477

[Business hours] 9:00AM to 5:30PM (7 days a week)