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Our employees' social contribution activities

Orico Group social contribution fund

In April 2012, we established the "Orico Group social contribution fund" as a fundraising system to promote social contribution activities amongst our employees. Employees can participate by contributing 100 yen per share, and the company matches this by contributing an additional 101 yen per participating employee. Through this fund, we make donations to welfare organizations and areas affected by large-scale disasters.

In March 2022, the beneficiaries of our donations were determined by votes from our members. A total of 5 million yen was donated, distributed among five organizations: the Ashinaga Scholarship Association, the Japanese Red Cross Society, the Japan Guide Dog Association, Doctors Without Borders Japan, and the Red Feather Community Chest
Our contributions extend far and wide, encompassing ongoing donations for relief efforts related to the Great East Japan Earthquake, support for frequent domestic disasters, medical aid in response to the novel coronavirus, and assistance in guide dog training. Additionally, we provide critical medical services in conflict zones. We are committed to continuing these activities.

Support for our employees' social contribution activities

In our volunteer activities aimed at aiding recovery and reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we make it easier for employees to participate by treating these days of volunteer activities as paid holidays.
The company fully supports ongoing activities by also covering the costs when employees' families participate. Additionally, we've established a volunteer leave system to accommodate employees willing to engage in long-term volunteer activities.

Orico One Step Program

Furthermore, in celebration of our 60th anniversary in 2014, we implemented a social contribution program designed to promote volunteer activities among all employees.
Under the banner of the "Orico One Step Program", we encourage employees to transition from merely considering social contributions to taking concrete action.

Employees can apply for activities they are interested in, such as environmental conservation and disability support, via a dedicated website that posts activity information. Through participation in these activities, employees can gain a sense of fulfillment, increase their awareness of societal needs, and pursue personal growth.

Participation in the eyeCity eco Project

 eyeCity eco Project

In September 2019, we became a participant in the eyeCity eco Project, operated by HOYA Corporation's Eye Care Company
This volunteer activity consists of the donation of empty contact lens cases. This simple act contributes to the environmental preservation through recycling, supports the independence and employment of people with disabilities, and results in donations to the Japan Eye Bank Association.
As of July 2022, we have donated 248,290 empty cases.

Participation in the "Furugi de vaccines" initiative

In July 2021, we joined the "Furugi de Vaccine (used clothes for vaccines)" initiative operated by the Japan Reuse Systems Corporation.
This initiative involves donating used clothing and fashion accessories that are no longer needed. It leads to multiple benefits: donations of vaccines and clothing to developing countries, the creation of employment opportunities in developing countries, and support for employment of people with disabilities.
Many of our employees have participated in the initiative, ensuring that both vaccines and used clothes have been delivered to their intended recipients.

urugi de vaccines
urugi de vaccines

Continued participation in blood donations

Given factors such as an aging population and the inability to store blood products for extended periods, there is a growing concern over a shortage of blood donors. Since 2001, we have been organizing blood donation activities at our headquarters. As of April 2022, 3,864 people have registered and 3,212 people have donated blood. We remain committed to encouraging more employees to participate in blood donation.