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Growth Strategy

With "sustainability" as the axis of our management, which aims to achieve both social and corporate value from a long-term perspective, we have started a three-year medium-term management plan starting from the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, backcasting from the vision of the society we aim to create in 10 years' time.
The slogan of the medium-term management plan is "Transformation Now!", "Become a financial services group for a new era that creates value from the customer's perspective", and the plan calls for a progressive departure from the conventional credit sales model and a new era of financial services based on (1)Green, (2)Digital, and (3)Open Innovation. We will introduce our strategies and initiatives to contribute to society and enhance our corporate value through transformation into a financial services group for a new era, using (1)Green, (2)Digital, and (3)Open Innovation. as our starting points.