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Improving the Quality of our Services

At Orico, we strive to effectively utilize customer feedback to enhance our products and services. Through initiatives such as Voice of Customer Improvement & Review Working Group, we promote comprehensive and cross-functional efforts. We engage in various activities, including the provision of support through email and chat, checking for fraudulent activities, and monitoring our website. We will continue our efforts to enhance customer support services and strengthen our systems to further improve customer satisfaction.

Initiatives for Quality Maintenance

At Orico, we are committed to maintaining the quality of our products and services. We have implemented various measures to address customer concerns and improve our offerings. When we receive customer feedback, we systematically acknowledge their input and strive to incorporate it into our service and interaction improvements.
Specifically, when we receive customer complaints or suggestions, customer feedback is categorized based on the nature of the request: either as requests directed at our company or as requests related to the sales methods and support provided by our affiliated stores. Feedback is then submitted through a system called the "Oricon Pass" system for further processing. We conduct investigations, manage and document our response status, and share relevant information internally. This allows us to utilize customer feedback to make improvements to our services and product offerings.
The department in charge then consolidates requests directed at our company. This ensures effective management of the response status and content, and regularly reports its status to the President and Director of our company every two weeks, thus creating a reporting structure that enables prompt and timely action.
We have established detailed procedures for escalating customer requests in an internal document called the "Rule Book". This document outlines the step-by-step escalation process for handling customer feedback. Furthermore, requests directed at our affiliated stores are deliberated in the Credit Countermeasures Committee, which meets approximately every two months. A report is then submitted to the management meeting every half-year, and matters deemed important by the President and Representative Director are reported to the Board of Directors.

In response to customers' voices

With the aim of becoming " a financial services group for a new era that creates value from the customer's perspective", we sincerely listen to the opinions and requests of our customers and link the voice of customers to the improvement of our products and services.  We have established a system to collect and consolidate customer opinions in our internal database "customer voice’s site", analyze and survey customer opinions, and then review and improve our services and products on a company-wide basis.

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Establishment of Support Structure and Enhancement of Customer Support Services

Orico has created dedicated inquiry contact points for each business segment such as our credit card, installment sales, and rental guarantees businesses. These contact points are staffed by specialized personnel who are ready to assist customers with their inquiries. In addition to traditional support channels like email and phone, we also provide credit card support through chatbots.
In particular, we practice responsible lending for customers facing difficulties based on their income and usage conditions. We provide support tailored to our customers' needs through temporary payment schedule changes and offering alternative products. The requirements for payment schedule changes and alternative products are defined internally to ensure consistent and customer-centric services. To foster a culture of continuously improving skills to better support our customers, we hold an annual nationwide contest called the "Orico Challenge Cup" and award the title of "Grand Master" to those who achieve remarkable results. We also encourage the acquisition of specialized qualifications, such as credit counselors, to strengthen our ability to meet customer demands.

Initiatives for Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Improvement

Orico strives to improve customer satisfaction and actively incorporate customer feedback into our operations, including process improvements and the development of new services. To achieve this, we utilize metrics such as the Customer Effort Score (CES) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Stakeholder Dialogue

At Orico, we value the perspectives and input of a wide range of stakeholders, and we actively create platforms for engaging in dialogue with them to ensure that our sustainability management is meaningful to all. We encourage discussions and exchanges of ideas with stakeholders such as investors, industry associations, peer companies, shareholders, and customers.

For inquiries related to corporate and investor relations, please e-mail to;

Managing Member Merchants

We believe it is essential to enhance the quality of our staff's sales activities and establish a healthy relationship of trust with our business partners, including affiliated stores, to ensure that customers can use our products and services safely and with peace of mind.

When conducting transactions with our business partners, such as affiliated stores, we verify their management policies, sales products, and sales methods. We also carry out awareness-raising activities and provide guidance on compliance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as on handling personal information and information security measures. We maintain sound business transactions through investigations when entering into new transaction contracts and regular mid-term inspections throughout the duration of the contracts.

To ensure the integrity of our transactions, we conduct various checks during the contract period with our business partners, including those based on legal requirements. We also collaborate with external companies and strengthen our management system through the use of AI for alert management. These digital technologies contribute to the enhancement of our management practices.

Protection of Children

We collaborate with local governments and institutions to conduct various educational activities related to raising awareness in areas related to finance. Specifically, we are working towards enhancing our customers' financial literacy through initiatives such as educational efforts for the next generation, public lectures aimed at preventing multiple debts, and the online disclosure of resources tailored to newly-of-age individuals.

Initiatives for Improving Quality of Advertising Service

Under "The Orico Group Code" (referred to as "Oricode"), which serves as our fundamental philosophy, management policy, code of conduct, and group-wide behavioral guidelines, Orico has established guidelines and necessary provisions to ensure proper operation of our lending business and protect the interests of fund borrowers. We recognize the importance of advertising, promotion, and marketing within these guidelines and have set forth guidelines for advertisements related to loan contracts based on the Consumer Loan Act and related regulations, as well as the Japan Financial Services Association's self-regulatory basic rules for loan business operations.
In our daily operations, we thoroughly educate our employees in accordance with Oricode, emphasizing the importance of fair content and expressions to avoid falsehoods, exaggerations, social discrimination, and human rights violations. Specifically, we conduct annual training for new employees and managers to ensure that they act in accordance with the ORICODE, as well as compliance training by job level and top-level compliance seminars for our executives, senior management and managers of our subsidiaries. These seminars are designed to ensure responsible advertising, marketing and promotional activities in compliance with relevant laws and regulations as well as voluntary industry rules.

Oricord training results

Number of Oricord training participants

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
December , 2017 February , 2018 May , 2018 January , 2019 June , 2019
Number of people 4,688 4,439 6,433 6,407 6,505

* From the 3rd training, subsidiary employees are also eligible

Initiatives for Improving New Product Quality

Orico has established a New Business and New Product Committee to evaluate and verify risks related to significant new business ventures and products. The committee is currently chaired by an Executive Officer (Shinya Uda) and consists of nine members. The committee's activities are regularly reported to the management meetings.

Initiatives for Improving Financial Access

Enhancing Financial Access through Active Overseas Expansion

Orico actively expands into rapidly growing Asian markets to enhance the financial access of all. Leveraging the expertise we have cultivated in Japan, we aim to support the realization of a prosperous life for local people and contribute to the development of the communities by providing sustainable financial services that meet the needs of our customers. In addition to our first international venture in Thailand in 2015, we established an additional auto loan company in the Philippines in 2019. In 2021, we acquired an auto loan company in Indonesia, thereby expanding our business networks to include three more countries in Asia. We will continue taking on challenges to provide our financial services to even more people.

Improving Financial Access through Digital Technology

To promote the development of new services and products utilizing digital technology, we have introduced an internal proposal system called "Orico DX Place". Ideas submitted through this system undergo internal voting and are adopted as proposals for new businesses or operational improvements. Going forward, we will leverage digital technology to create new businesses and enhance existing ones, thereby improving the accessibility of financial services.