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Creating the Future: Education and Awareness Initiatives

We understand the importance of sustainability and are committed to conducting continuous education and raising awareness for our internal and external stakeholders.

Promoting Awareness of Internal Sustainability Activities

Incorporating SDGs into Management and Operations

Sustainability Management Seminars

Since 2019 we have conducted sustainability management seminars aimed at officers, general managers, and representatives from our group companies. These seminars are designed to deepen their understanding of sustainability.

Date of the event Seminar Themes Lecturer
July 26, 2019 What is Sustainability to Improve Corporate Value? Craig Consulting
December 4, 2020 Post-Corona and Sustainability Craig Consulting
December 8, 2021 Corporate evaluation by non-financial information - What exactly is ESG and what are the issues? Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd.
May 29, 2023 Balancing Social Value and Corporate Value - A Study of Sustainability Management through the Lens of Leading Companies' Case Studies TREE INC.

Role-specific Sustainability Training

We provide sustainability training tailored to different hierarchical levels, including orientation for new employees, newly-appointed general managers, and more.

Internal Distribution of Sustainability Videos

To further foster sustainability within our organization, we internally distribute explanatory videos aimed at enhancing employee understanding of sustainability and encouraging individual ownership of sustainable practices.

President-Employee Dialogues and Town Hall Meetings

We hold dialogues between the President and employees, as well as town hall meetings, to strengthen two-way communication. These events also serve to enhance understanding and permeate awareness of our medium-term management plan, where sustainability is positioned as a fundamental principle.

Dissemination of Information through Various Internal Media

We strengthen our information dissemination through the company intranet and internal newsletters, aiming to improve each employee's understanding of our sustainability management.

Promoting Sustainability Activities to External Stakeholders