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Inclusion & Diversity

We aim to establish a corporate culture and working environment where all employees recognize and respect each other, and can play an active role and grow sustainably.

Inclusion and Diversity Basic Policy

We created an Inclusion and Diversity Policy based on the recognition that accepting and utilizing the different ideas, perspectives, and values of each and every employee will enhance employee engagement, our competitiveness, and ultimately our corporate value.
We promote inclusion and diversity not only because society demands it, but also because we believe that it is an essential strategic initiative for developing new products and creating added value for our services from the customer's perspective, and it is necessary to enhance our corporate value.
We believe that the true value of "diversity" will come to fruition not only when we have a diverse workforce within the company, but also when we realize "inclusion", that is, when each individual's individuality is fully expressed and free ideas are used to create change and enhance our company's competitiveness. We will continue to promote inclusion and diversity by making "inclusion" the vitality of change.

Human Rights Basic Policy

Respect for human rights has increasingly grown in concern as corporations have been globalizing their businesses. We recognize that respect for human rights is a fundamental social responsibility in our corporate activities, and we strive to respect the human rights of all people involved in our business activities, including employees and external stakeholders such as customers, business partners, and local communities and residents.
To further strengthen our efforts to respect human rights, we created our Human Rights Basic Policy in April 2023 as a basic management policy in line with international standards such as the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights created by the United Nations. We have also established a new "Human Rights Promotion Committee" and are developing internal systems at the management level.
Currently, as a remedy for employees, we have established internal and external consultation offices for harassment and other issues related to the working environment, and have a system in place to respond promptly in cooperation with relevant divisions and departments. We are also working to improve human rights literacy by promoting understanding of the significance and importance of human rights initiatives and international trends in respect for human rights through periodic online and other means.
Going forward, we will conduct human rights due diligence based on our Human Rights Basic Policy, identify and evaluate risks of human rights violations at Orico Group and its business partners with reference to guidelines and policies issued by the government, and take appropriate measures to ensure that action is taken while implementing the PDCA cycle through risk prevention, mitigation measures, and monitoring.

Human Rights Awareness Activities

①Rank-based Training
New Employee Training

Subject Number of people took part in Contents of training
New employee training 99
  • Understanding our efforts to raise awareness of human rights
  • Raising awareness of human rights and cultivating basic understanding of human rights
Training for part-timer employee -
  • Basic course on human rights (awareness raising)

Management training

Subject Number of people took part in Contents of training
Training for new senior manager 43
  • Deepen understanding of human rights issues, gain knowledge of managerial responsibilities for safety, and learn management methods for creating a safe work environment
Training for new general manager and deputy general manager 45
  • Risk to people due to human rights issues

②Human rights training at work

Subject Number of people took part in Contents of training
All executives and employees
(including subsidiaries)
  • LGBTQ awareness raising
    Sexual Harassment Affecting Sexual Minorities

Initiatives to Promote Inclusion and Diversity

By accepting and harnessing the diverse thoughts, perspectives, and values of each employee, we aim to enhance employee engagement and contribute to the improvement of our competitiveness and corporate value while meeting the diverse needs of our customers.
To achieve this, we strive to enhance the diversity of our employees and foster an inclusive organizational culture where everyone can be their authentic selves. We aim to create an environment where individuals can perform at their best and have equal opportunities to challenge themselves.
In order to drive these initiatives and bring about transformation, our management team takes the lead in implementing them. We work towards fostering a corporate culture that values Inclusion & Diversity and leverages it to enhance corporate value. We provide education and awareness programs on Inclusion & Diversity for all employees, establish dedicated departments to plan and promote these initiatives, and build a monitoring system to track progress.
Furthermore, we disclose the status of our Inclusion & Diversity initiatives internally and externally, seeking feedback from stakeholders. Taking into account changes in the surrounding environment, societal trends, and demands, we continuously strive to improve our initiatives.

Women's Empowerment

In order to respond to the rapidly changing market environment and drive our business with flexibility and speed, we recognize that ensuring diversity among the next generation of managerial staff is an important challenge for our sustainable growth.
Currently, 50% of our regular employees are women who play active roles in various fields. We have approximately 360 women employees in managerial positions, and we will continue to enhance our corporate value by incorporating diverse values and opinions.
To promote this, we have established an Inclusion & Diversity Promotion Office at our headquarters to promote an environment where diverse talents can thrive. We are strengthening initiatives such as training programs for women employees and efforts to achieve work-life balance.
We are committed to creating an environment where all women employees can challenge various career goals and expand their areas of achievement. We conduct hierarchical training and management programs tailored for women leaders, including senior manager-level candidate development programs. Moving forward, we will further enhance our initiatives by providing training to eliminate unconscious biases that hinder employees' growth opportunities and actively promoting talented individuals.

Action Plan for Women's Empowerment

The new action plan for women's advancement (April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2027), was created in accordance with the Law Concerning the Promotion of Women's Empowerment in Employment enacted on April 1, 2016, sets the goals to increase the ratio of women employees at the senior manager level and above to 30% or more and of women employees in positions equivalent to general managers 12% or more.
In FY2023, the percentage of women empleoyees in managerial positions was 26.2% at the senior manager level and above, and 6.7% at the general level and above. We will continue to proactively address these issues through measures to support life events and career development. In order to promote women's activities, we ensure the following substantial training and career development opportunities.

Women's Leadership Training

We conduct simulations and exercises for women in managerial positions to enhance their abilities in handling projects, communicating with subordinates, and developing strategies. We also help them understand their strengths and strengthen the necessary skills for leadership.

Management Training for Executives

We provide management-level training for executives to enhance essential skills for developing women employees, such as interacting with female staff, increasing motivation, conveying role expectations, and understanding various systems related to maternity and childcare.

Selective Leadership Strengthening Training

We target female deputy managers and team leaders to enhance their management and communication skills, maximizing their strengths and developing their awareness as leaders, fostering further career advancements.

Cross-Industry Joint Women's Leadership Training

This training program targets women in managerial positions and brings together participants from various industries. It provides opportunities to encounter diverse perspectives and values, gain insights, broaden horizons, and learn leadership techniques.

Orico Women's Network

Since November 2016, we have established the Orico Women's Network, a regional network for female managers, to facilitate sharing of concerns, experiences, and problem-solving among women in similar positions. It aims to build an internal network where they can support each other.

Childcare and nursing care

At Orico, we strive to enhance various systems to ensure that all employees can work comfortably and unleash their potential while balancing work with childcare, nursing care, and other responsibilities, guided by the spirit of "mutual support".
Specifically, we have implemented telecommuting, part-time work, staggered work hours, parental and caregiving leave, and a three-day weekend option to enable employees to continue working while managing their work and family responsibilities. We aim to achieve a 100% training acquisition rate for employees, including male parental leave.


We are actively promoting various initiatives for our stakeholders such as customers and employees. We aim for all employees to deepen their understanding of LGBTQ+ individuals, possess accurate knowledge, and behave without discrimination or prejudice based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
As part of our efforts towards our customers, we offer family cards for Orico Cards to same-sex partners. We have established an internal consultation desk regarding LGBTQ+ matters, implemented counseling services, and created a handbook for all employees to further promote understanding of LGBTQ+ individuals. Our goal is to create a workplace where everyone can work comfortably, focusing on raising awareness among employees and improving the overall environment.
Furthermore, we conduct e-learning training on LGBTQ+ topics for all employees to enhance understanding and implement specific training for newly appointed managerial positions to ensure that managers have the correct knowledge and create an environment where sexual minority employees can work with peace of mind.
We are proud to announce that our efforts have been recognized, as we have received the highest "Gold" rating for four consecutive years in the "PRIDE Index 2022," which evaluates LGBTQ+ initiatives.

  • * L (lesbian), G (gay), B (bisexual), T (transgender - individuals whose gender identity differs from their assigned sex at birth), and Q (queer - individuals who do not fit into existing categories of sexuality).

Individuals with Disabilities

At Orico, we prioritize hiring based on individuals' talents and passions, regardless of disabilities. We provide support for people with disabilities to showcase their abilities and achieve independent living through suitable job assignments. We actively promote the employment of individuals with disabilities and conduct interviews aimed at workplace retention. We also provide internal handbooks and organize study sessions to promote understanding among employees regarding disabilities. With consideration for the individual's disability status and job suitability, we strive to create a comfortable work environment. As a result, around 80 employees with disabilities are actively working nationwide.

To promote the employment of individuals with disabilities, we initiated the operation of an agricultural farm called "Kagayaki Farm" in July 2019. Currently, approximately 10 individuals are employed at the farm. The farm cultivates organic vegetables, which are gentle on the body, and supports the provision of ingredients to "kodomo shokudo" (children's cafeterias) located in various local municipalities, contributing to support for single mothers and promoting health in the community.
Since June 2023, we have also participated in the Cabinet Office's "Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform."

Currently, our company meets the statutory employment rate for individuals with disabilities, and we will continue to actively promote a workplace where employees with disabilities can demonstrate their abilities. For more information on our efforts regarding the promotion of employment for individuals with disabilities and career support for the senior generation, please refer to the link

Senior Employees

We are working on creating an environment where employees can continue to work with enthusiasm and passion for as long as possible. Specifically, we position the late 50s as the second career stage and age 60 and beyond as the third career stage. We conduct life support training to provide opportunities for employees to think about and learn about work and lifestyle choices for the next 5 to 10 years. For employees aged 60 and above, we offer multiple part-time work patterns in addition to full-time employment, accommodating their needs and preferences.
For more information on our efforts to promote the employment of individuals with disabilities and career support for the senior generation, please refer to the link

Global hiring

The promotion of diverse human resources regardless of nationality, gender, etc. is a major mission of ours in order to achieve permanent corporate growth.
In order to expand our overseas business, we are actively recruiting talented foreign students with global skills, regardless of nationality. Our employees come from not just Japan, but also China, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar.
We also believe that in order for each employee to fully demonstrate their abilities and for employees to grow with the company, it is important to provide fair opportunities for growth and to ensure that their contributions are properly evaluated.


At Orico, we embrace diversity and aim to create an organizational culture that allows each employee to flourish in their own way.
In 2017, we established the Orico Athletics Club, which currently has six top athletes. We aim to enhance corporate vitality by fostering a sense of unity through the support of all employees for their colleagues who are taking on the challenge of achieving higher goals.