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Environmental Stewardship

Our company is actively driving various initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable operations. However, we acknowledge that our corporate activities inevitably impact the environment, primarily through GHG emissions associated with energy consumption, such as electricity. In our commitment to a sustainable society, we are aggressively pursuing strategies to address climate change issues. These include compliance with the TCFD recommendations and concerted efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities while promoting environmental conservation.
Additionally, we are enhancing our preparedness for the escalating threats of natural disasters, a consequence of climate change. Our goal is to serve as a resilient and supportive force within our local communities.

Our Goals and Initiatives

Enhancing Our Operations: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Consumption

By transitioning our fleet to eco-friendly vehicles, minimizing our use of electricity and other energy sources, and adopting paperless workflows, we are committed to lessening our environmental impact.

Vehicle-Related Goals and Initiatives


  1. Transition to 100% eco-friendly company vehicles (EV, FCV, HV, energy-efficient vehicles).
    Achieve an eco-friendly vehicle ratio of 75% or more by March 2025.
  2. Decrease the total number of vehicles by 10% from March 2022 to March 2025.


  1. Promote the adoption of eco-friendly vehicles (EV, FCV, HV, fuel-efficient vehicles).
  2. Reduce the total number of company vehicles.
  3. Limit driving distance through the promotion of online sales.

Electricity and Energy-Related Goals and Initiatives


Reduce energy consumption by 3% from 2022 March to 2025 March (on a base unit basis)


  1. Upgrade energy-saving devices in our buildings.
  2. Explore the implementation of renewable energy sources and devices.

Promoting Paperless Business Operations


  1. Reduce paper use equivalent to 800t of CO2 per year.
  2. Lower copy paper purchases by 15% from March 2022 to March 2025.


  1. Promote digitalization to reduce paper use, focusing on application forms, business product contracts, accounting documents.
  2. Cut back on copy paper purchases across the entire organization.

Broadening EV Adoption and Promoting Eco-Friendly Products

By encouraging the use of environmental products like EVs domestically and internationally, we aim to help build a decarbonized and circular society.

Vehicle-Related Initiatives


  1. Foster the adoption of Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) technology through partnerships with local dealers.
  2. Promote regional EV uptake by leveraging our vehicle procurement network in our auto leasing business.
  3. Introduce innovative schemes and products for environmental goods, such as solar power and storage batteries.
  4. Contribute to the growth of the EV market in Southeast Asia by studying market trends and strengthening our approach to EV manufacturers and new car dealers.

Promotion Structure

Since April 2022, we have regularly held "Sustainability Committee" meetings chaired by the President and Director. In these meetings, we discuss sustainability plans and objectives as well as communication strategies both within and outside the organization, all at an executive management level.
The "Environmental and Regional Subcommittee", a sub-organization under the 'Sustainability Committee,' reports on the progress and current status of KPIs. This structure allows us to monitor and control these company-wide initiatives effectively.
The discussions and reports produced in the Sustainability Committee and its subcommittees are regularly reported to the Board of Directors, ensuring their deliberations and decisions are made under the Board's oversight.