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Towards the recovery from damages done by The Great East Japan Earthquake

To aid in the reconstruction of affected lives and the revival and recovery of industries, we support various initiatives. We hope that our contributions, however small, can assist these recovery efforts

Key Initiatives

  • Participation in employee volunteer activities
  • Providing aid through our company cafeteria
  • Donation matching through our credit card business
  • Support for children via collaborations with athletes

Continuation of volunteer activities in disaster-affected areas

We have held an event called the "Support Market for Disaster-Affected Areas"

On March 18, 2019, we held a "Support Market for Disaster-Affected Areas" at our headquarters building in Kojimachi, Chiyoda Ward. In collaboration with antenna shops in Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures (Miyagi Furusato Plaza COCO MIYAGI and Nihonbashi Fukushimakan MIDETTE), we sold various specialty goods at the event. Additionally, we showcased panels and screened videos at the venue that detailed the journey from earthquake devastation to reconstruction in both prefectures, as well as future planning efforts done by the towns. This provided an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the disaster-affected areas.
Starting from 2021, we directed our employees to an online shop selling specialties from Miyagi, Fukushima, Iwate, and Kumamoto Prefectures, and we also held sales events.
We will continue to support the revitalization of local industries in the disaster-stricken areas and efforts to prevent the memory of the earthquake from fading.

We regularly offer a "support Tohoku menu" in our company cafeteria

As part of our strategy to "Support Tohoku through Food," we have consistently offered menus featuring vegetables and livestock products from the prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima in the cafeterias of our headquarters, annex building, and Tsurugashima facility. By March 2022, we have provided over 39,473 meals, encompassing 125 different menu varieties

Participation in the Natori Reconstruction Project

Since 2017, we have been participating in the "Natori Reconstruction Project" in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture. This involves collecting drawings and messages created by our employees and their families, which are then transformed into sets of four lanterns.
These lanterns are subsequently displayed throughout the city each year

Inviting children from disaster-affected areas for soccer exchange
The "Yuji Nakazawa Cup For Everyone's Smile" was successfully held

On September 13-14, 2014, we sponsored a soccer exchange event in Yokohama, in collaboration with Yuji Nakazawa of the professional soccer team Yokohama F. Marinos, as part of our ongoing support for disaster-affected areas. We invited 135 elementary school students from Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures for the two-day event. On the first day, the students attended a Yokohama F. Marinos game at Nissan Stadium, participating in pitch events like "Escort Kids" before enjoying the match. The following day, we extended our invitation to an additional 150 elementary school students from the Kanto area, including teams affiliated with our employees, to join an exchange match named the "Yuji Nakazawa Cup." Mr. Nakazawa engaged in all the games, and nine of our employees volunteered as referees, visitor guides, and support staff for other operational roles. We remain committed to supporting activities that inspire dreams and hope in children

Activity Scenery

We are proudly supporting the Smiles for Everyone Project, aimed at delivering dreams and energy to children

We resonate with the mission of former professional soccer player Yuji Nakazawa, who conducts volunteer activities through sports in disaster-affected areas. In line with this, we are proud to support his Smiles for Everyone project.

About Mr. Nakazawa's Smiles for Everyone Project

Since shortly after the earthquake, Mr Nakazawa has been regularly visiting the affected areas and carrying out volunteer activities such as soccer coaching. The aim of this project is to instill hope and inspire dreams in children who will be instrumental in future reconstruction efforts. His activities revolve around the themes of "joy", "perseverance" and "dreams", and he personally devotes his free time to this cause. Our company resonates deeply with the purpose and themes of this project. We plan to continue our support for these initiatives while exploring various ways to help disaster-stricken areas in collaboration with Mr Nakazawa.

10th Activity (December 6, 2018, Yamamoto Town, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture)

This time, our activities took place in Yamamoto Town, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture — a location we previously visited during the 7th Smiles for Everyone project in 2015. Alongside Mr. Nakazawa, players Mr. Harada and Mr. Nishiyama of Yokohama F. Marinos and staff from NAKAZAWA SC also attended. Additionally, four representatives from our company participated in the event.

Firstly, we visited the ruins of Nakahama Elementary School, a site severely damaged by the earthquake. There, we heard detailed accounts of the event from the Yamamoto Storyteller Association, providing us a vivid insight into the situation at the time
Afterward, we visited Sakamoto Elementary School, which had since merged with Nakahama Elementary School. The students who were in the 1st and 2nd grades during our last visit had now advanced to the 5th and 6th grades, and they eagerly awaited our return. We shared a meal with the students, after which we relocated to the gymnasium. There, we enjoyed mini soccer games and watched the NAKAZAWA SC coach perform juggling stunts, making for an engaging and delightful experience
During the Q&A session with the players, they shared heartwarming messages, which sparked many smiles and positive interactions among us all

  • 9th Activity (September 11, 2016, Shichigahama Town, Miyagi District, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • 8th Activity (October 4, 2015, Shichigahama Town, Miyagi District, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • 7th Activity (December 12, 2014, Yamamoto Town, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • 6th Activity (August 31, 2014, Shichigahama Town, Miyagi District, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • 5th Activity (January 20, 2014, Watari Town, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • 4th Activity (August 18, 2013, Onahama Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture)
  • 3rd Activity (April 14, 2013, Watari Town, Watari District, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • 2nd Activity (January 11, 2013, Onagawa Town, Oshika District, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • 1st Activity (September 30, 2012, Onahama Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture)

Implementing the "Wooden Block Project" to deliver building blocks to children

"On January 25 and February 22, 2017, we joined forces with the NPO The Life style Research Institute of Forests to carry out the wooden block project using thinned wood. These efforts took place after working hours at our Kojimachi headquarters. Over the course of two days, a total of 30 individuals participated, engaging in various tasks such as the final stage of block making – sanding, and creating educational puzzles by applying masking tape on cubic wood pieces. The completed blocks and educational puzzles were donated to a childcare facility in Minamisanriku Town, Motoyoshi District, Miyagi Prefecture, a location we regularly visit as part of our reconstruction support volunteer efforts. We are committed to continuing activities that bring smiles to children's faces.


We have allocated donations from both the Orico Group and our Orico card members to aid in rebuilding the lives of those in disaster-stricken areas, and in supporting the restoration and recovery of their industries.
We are still accepting point donations.