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We will strive to expand our services with a focus on our customers’ needs by encouraging increasingly more customers to fondly make use of our services by providing various products such as auto loans, shopping credit, credit cards, fee payments, and various guarantee products.

Transaction volume of credit cards: ¥ 2,948.7billion

With no annual fee, the Orico Card offers a points system that doubles up to twice as many points, various services that use the web and contactless IC payment. Our goal is to create a card that can be conveniently used by as many customers as possible.

Number of credit cards issued:10.98million

We provide safe, reliable, and convenient services. We offer credit cards with innovative designs and contactless IC that can be used by as many customers as possible, and through the issuance of partnering-up cards with a wide variety of companies and organizations.

Transaction volume of settlement and guarantee business:¥1,593.2billion

We are focusing on areas where business expansion is expected, such as the collection and guarantee of rent settlements arising from rental contracts for condominiums and apartments, the collection and guarantee of accounts receivable settlements arising between companies, the collection and guarantee of lease payments for business equipment, and the collection of various fees on behalf of our clients, as priority areas in our medium-term management plan.

Transaction volume of installment credit:¥1,192.2billion

Our installment credit business consists primarily of auto loans, which are among the highest in the industry, and installment credit for housing and education products used by customers at our member merchants nationwide.

Number of auto loan contracts:1.55million

We have over 1.5 million auto loans used both domestically and abroad.Since the launch of the industry's first auto loan, we have continued to provide customers with products and services that constantly meet the needs of the times, such as free-payment auto loans and O-Lai!, long-term auto-insured auto loans.

Outstanding balance of bank loan:¥1,153.6billion

We began providing personal loan guarantee services for financial institutions in 1983.Currently, we have alliances with 565 financial institutions nationwide, and their guarantees outstanding exceeded ¥1 trillion. With our nationwide network and extensive know-how, we support personal loans from financial institutions.

Number of member merchants:850thousand

We have more than 800,000 member merchants that take our auto loans, shopping credits and credit cards, offering products and services to our customers through a variety of member merchants.

Balance of operating assets:¥5,468.3billion

Our main businesses consist of the installment credit business, including auto loans and shopping credit, credit cards and cash loans business, bank loan guarantee business, settlement and guarantee business, and overseas business, with total operating assets of over 5 trillion yen.

(As of March 31, 2023)
* Figures are based on consolidated results.