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Orico in figures

We will strive to expand our services with a focus on our customers’ needs by encouraging increasingly more customers to fondly make use of our services by providing various products such as auto loans, shopping credit, credit cards, fee payments, and various guarantee products.

Transaction volume of credit cards: ¥ 2,263.3billion

The Orico Card features a rewards point program of up to double the number of reward points, with no annual fee. We aim to gain more customers who enjoy convenient use of the Orico Card by providing various services online and offering contactless smart card payment.

Number of credit card issued:10.94million

We provide convenient services that offer peace of mind through business that involves issuing various types of credit cards. This includes credit cards featuring innovative designs regularly used by increasingly more customers, credit cards equipped with contactless smart card technology, and co-branded credit cards in partnership with various companies and organizations.

Transaction volume of settlement and guarantee business:¥1,051.4billion

Orico is focusing as growth engine on domains where further business expansion is expected. This includes business such as collection and guarantee of rent payments arising under rental agreements for condominiums, apartments and other such residences, collection and guarantee of accounts receivables arising between businesses, collection and guarantee of lease fees particularly for commercial equipment, and payment-collecting agency services for various fee payments.

Transaction volume of installment credit:¥1,280.9billion

Orico’s installment credit business mainly handles auto loans with top-ranking business volume and shopping credit that includes housing- and education-related products. Our customers access such offerings through our member stores nationwide.

Number of auto loan contracts:1.57million

There are more than 1.5 million Orico auto loan users nationwide. Since we offered the industry’s first auto loans, we have been continually providing our customers with products and services that ceaselessly meet the needs of the times, with financing that includes auto loans with flexible repayment options and deferred auto loans.

Outstanding balance of bank loan:¥1,321.0billion

Orico initiated the bank loan guarantee business for some 30 years, and its outstanding balance of bank loan guarantee now exceeds ¥1 trillion through its partnerships with more than 500 financial institutions across Japan. We provide support for retail loans of financial institutions, drawing on our alliances network and abundant expertise.

Number of member stores:820thousand

We provide products and services to customers through our more than 800,000 member stores that use Orico auto loans, shopping credit and credit cards.

Balance of operating assets:¥5,438.3billion

Orico has more than ¥5 trillion in operating assets, which mainly consist of auto loans and shopping credit in the installment credit business, along with other assets in the credit cards and cash loans business, the bank loan guarantee business, and the settlement and guarantee business.

(As of March 31, 2019)
* Figures are based on consolidated results.