Corporate website of Orient Corporation

Investor Relations(IR)

Status of Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Major IR Activities

Activities Achievements Activity status
Financial Results Briefing for Institutional Investors and Analysts Twice (2nd quarter and fiscal year end) Briefings on financial results by the President and Representative Director and the Head of Finance Group were held twice a year.
Individual meetings with institutional
investors and analysts (Overseas institutional investors)
Total of 55 companies
(16 companies)
The IR Office of the Finance Department takes the lead in conducting individual dialogues.
Posting of IR materials on website Financial Results Presentation Materials (financial highlights, financial results briefing materials, financial results briefing videos, financial results
briefing transcripts, and figures and data materials)
Annual Report, brief note of financial statements, Integrated Reports, Research Reports (Shared Research, Inc.)

Overview of Feedback to Management

Feedback to Management Number of times Contents
Report on the status of dialogue with
institutional investors, analysts, etc.
4 times Q&A at meetings with investors, analysts, etc and their views are reported at
management meetings and other meetings.
(Two out of four reports per year are reported to the Board of Directors.)
Analyst Reports case-by-case
Report securities analyst reports

Dialogue Outcomes

Requests Correspondence
  • Requests for enhanced Financial Presentation Materials
  • Complete renewal of financial results briefing materials for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023
  • Added disclosure items related to performance information by business, general expenses, delinquency rates, etc.
  • Request for enhanced IR materials in English
  • English versions of brief note of financial statements, financial highlights, and financial results briefing materials
    were prepared and disclosed on the same day of the financial announcement.

Main topics of dialogue and investor interest

  • Progress of the medium-term management plan (priority areas, structural reform of installment credit business, etc.)
  • Trends in delinquency rates (Bad debt related expenses, mainly overseas and changes in overpaid interest refunds)
  • Shareholder return policy (dividend payout ratio, etc.)
  • Maintenance of listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange prime market (outlook for stock distribution ratio)