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This website is operated and managed by Orient Corporation (“Orico”) or parties authorized to act on Orico’s behalf. This site policy provides information you need to know and should refer to prior to using this website. This website contains links to other websites operated by Orico. Please refer to the terms of use and the recommended system environment therein when accessing such websites.

1. Copyright
  • (1) All documents, photographs, illustrations, video images and other such content provided through this website (the “Content”) are protected by copyrights belonging to Orico, parties authorized to act on Orico’s behalf and third parties.
  • (2) You may view the Content of this website through your computer or otherwise make personal use of it in printed form. However, note that it is not possible to print some such Content.
  • (3) You may make personal use of the downloadable Content provided through this website solely by downloading it to your computer. You are to comply with any terms of use stipulated separately with respect to the Content.
  • (4) Except where permitted by means of prior written consent furnished by Orico, the reproduction, modification, analysis, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, transfer, lending, licensing, sale, publication, export, use for business or commercial purposes, and use of the Content provided through this website otherwise, in any manner whatsoever for a purpose other than that of personal use or other fair use explicitly permitted by law is prohibited.
2. Recommended system environment
  • (1)  Recommended web browsers
    We recommend that you use one of the following web browsers to optimally view and otherwise access the Orico website (
    Personal computer
    Windows       :
    • Microsoft Edge latest version
    • Mozilla Firefox latest version
    • Google Chrome latest version
    Mac                :
    • Safari 5 or later
    • Mozilla FireFox 45 or later
    iOS (iPhone):
    • iOS 10
    Android OS:
    • Android 6

    * The operating system that you use adds new functions and implements stronger security measures by releasing upgrades. Therefore, please upgrade to the latest version of your operating system.

  • (2)  Use of Javascript
    This website contains functions that use JavaScript to ensure a better user experience. As such, we recommend that you enable JavaScript in order to access such functions. If JavaScript is not enabled, certain pages may not display properly.

    * The default settings of the respective web browsers are configured to enable JavaScript.

  • (3)  Use of cookies, etc.
    What are Cookies, etc.
    • ・Cookies, etc. are information (including web beacons) that is transmitted between the server and the browser of the customer via this site when the customer accesses this site and is stored in the customer's terminal.
    • ・If a customer has approved the use of cookies in the browser settings, the cookies saved in the customer's terminal will be created and automatically sent when the customer re-accesses the site.

    No credit card number is written to cookies.

    Type of cookies, etc.
    This site uses cookies and other products to improve customer convenience and distribute ads.The following cookies are categorized in this site.
    • ・Cookies and other items essential to the operation of websites
      Cookies are indispensable for inter-page movements of websites and use of various functions and services of websites.
    • ・Cookies for effectiveness measurement, site and advertising optimization purposes
      Cookie information may be used to collect information (access status, traffic, routing, etc.) on how the customer uses the website, improve and improve the services provided to the customer, and optimize advertising distribution.
    Transmission of Cookies
    In this site, cookies such as advertising service providers etc. may be stored in customers' terminals and sent to the service provider within the scope of the purpose of use described above.The online Privacy Notification provides us with information on where to send services we are using to measure effectiveness, improve sites and optimize advertising.

    Opt-out method

    * If the "Privacy Setup Menu (Gear)" icon is displayed in the lower left corner of each screen of this site, click the menu to check the service and destination.If you want to disable (opt out) cookies, etc., open each menu and clear the checkbox for each service and destination of each company.

    * Please refer to the links in the "Online Privacy Notifications" below for the privacy policies and opt-out methods of each company.

3. Personal information and cookies
Please refer to the Personal Information Protection Policy and the provisions regarding the handling of personal information regarding the handling of customer personal information.Customers' personal information may be used in conjunction with information collected on this site such as cookies.In such a case, the cookie and other information will be treated as personal information.

・To determine whether or not to distribute advertisements for our services on websites other than this site, depending on whether or not member services (e-Orico Service and Orico Point Gateway) are used at the time of browsing the site.

・The purpose of the Membership Service is for users to confirm their qualifications to use the Membership Service, and to grasp the trends in use of the Membership Service, as well as to distribute information and advertisements that suit their interests and preferences.(Please read Terms of Use for e-Orico Service and Orico Point Gateway.)

・In order to identify mail opening and browsing information for mail delivery and customize the contents of delivery.

4. Accessibility
Orico enlists the concept of accessibility in designing website pages that are readily available to all users, including people with disabilities and senior citizens.
5. Link
In principle, you need not notify Orico if you add links to this website regardless of whether any such link involves commercial interests, non-commercial interests, or intranet use.
  • (1)  Disclaimer
    • ・Orico shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any problems arising as a result of linking to the website, nor will it incur any liability whatsoever with respect to damages, complaints, claims or outcomes otherwise in that regard.
    • ・Although Orico makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the website content, it assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages that may arise due to the website content, nor for complaints, claims or outcomes otherwise in that regard.
  • (2)  Links from the following types of websites are strictly forbidden.
    • ・Websites that slander, defame or discredit the officers or employees of Orico or any of its affiliated companies
    • ・Websites that slander, defame or discredit the products or services of Orico or any of its affiliated companies
    • ・Websites that host, or may host, content that is illegal or that otherwise runs contrary to laws, regulations, and social standards
    • ・Websites that display Content of this website in a frame, or through other such means, in a manner which makes it unclear that such content is Content of this website

    * Orico may change or otherwise delete URLs linking to pages of this website and page content thereof for the purpose of editing or updating the website without giving prior notification. We ask that you keep that in mind when using this website.

  • (3) Content of those third-party websites (other than Orico websites) either linked to by this website or otherwise containing links to this website is managed by the respective third parties, and accordingly is not managed by Orico. Therefore, you should be aware that Orico assumes no responsibility with respect to authenticity, or otherwise, of such content.
6. Published information
Although Orico takes the utmost care and attention to detail when posting information to this website, it makes no guarantees with respect to the Content available through the website. Moreover, you should be aware that Orico assumes no responsibility with respect to any problems or damages that may arise in relation to the published information.
7. Website changes and discontinuation
  • (1) Orico may make changes to the information contained in this website without notice. Furthermore, Orico may suspend or discontinue operations of this website. We ask that you keep that in mind when using this website.
  • (2) Orico may amend this website’s terms of use. Such amended terms of use shall become effective upon their having been posted to the website.

(As of April 2, 2022)