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Development of the next generation

Participation in Commercial Education Consortium Tokyo

"Commercial Education Consortium Tokyo" was established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education in July 2018. They collaborate with companies and the local community to expand opportunities for students at metropolitan commercial high schools to learn business practices on-site, and provide support for classes.
Companies, non-profit organizations, universities, vocational schools, and local communities/shopping arcades collaborated with the metropolitan commercial high school to expand opportunities for the students to learn business practices in real-world settings.
Orico supports their principles and has been participating in the consortium since FY2018.

What is the Commercial Education Consortium Tokyo?(Japanese only)

4th Year Student of Tokyo Metropolitan Daiyon Commercial High School, Year of 2022

2nd Year Student of Tokyo Metropolitan Daisan Commercial High School, Fiscal Year 2020/ 3rd Year Student of Daiyon Commercial High School, Year of 2020

2nd Year Student of Tokyo Metropolitan Daigo Commercial High School, Year of 2019

2nd Year Student of Tokyo Metropolitan Daigo Commercial High School, Year of 2018

"2021 Consumer Education Liaison Meeting" organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education.

In December 2021, The "2021 Consumer Education Liaison Meeting" took place, organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, and our company executive participated as a guest speaker.
We conducted online lecture sessions with the aim of providing consumer education support to high school students in light of the lowering of the legal age of adulthood. A total of 236 teachers from 192 metropolitan middle schools and high schools attended the sessions.

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Financial literacy education regarding credit cards

Since 2020, we have been conducting financial literacy classes for 5th-grade students at Fujimino City Tsurugaoka Elementary in Saitama Prefecture, teaching the importance of "credit" and "personal information" and providing a basic understanding about credit cards. The classes aim to cultivate financial literacy skills, such as wealth management and payment planning, to prepare students for future credit card usage.

Initiatives through culture and arts

Sponsorship of "Yamatane Museum of Art NIHONGA AWARD: Seed 2024"

("Yamatane Museum of Art NIHONGA AWARD: Seed 2024" Poster: Provided by Yamatane Museum)

"Yamatane Museum of Art NIHONGA AWARD: Seed 2024" is one of the few open-call exhibitions in Japan dedicated to Nihonga, traditional Japanese paintings. The Yamatane Museum, located in Shibuya, Tokyo, has been actively promoting the beauties of Nihonga, and organized this event with the aim of discovering and nurturing the next generation of talented artists. Orico proudly sponsors the "Yamatane Museum of Art NIHONGA AWARD: Seed 2024" as part of our commitment to social contribution through supporting artistic and cultural activities.

Orico to Continue Sponsorship of "Theater of the Heart" in 2023

We are pleased to sponsor "Theatre of the Heart", an invitational performance project for children organized by Shiki Theatre Company and the General Incorporated Foundation of Center for Performing Arts, and supported by the Agency of Cultural Affairs. Through family musicals produced by Shiki Theatre Company, this project aims to instill in children the importance of values such as "the sanctity of life", "compassion for others", and "the joy of believing in each other". Since its inception in 2008, the project has touched the hearts of around 500,000 six-graders nationwide, ranging from Hokkaido to Okinawa. In support of this activity, we are sponsoring " Theatre of the Heart " in 2023 as we did in 2022.

In 2023, there will be three productions: " The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man ", "The Dream of John Manjiro" and "The Prayer of Elcos". In the Kanto Bloc, where we are a co-sponsor, it is planned to bring Theatre of the Heart to around 170,000 children in 32 cities.*Figures are actual results for 2022