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Customer Engagement

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Customer-oriented basic policy

Status of efforts to serve customers

We are committed to building strong relationships with our customers, our most important stakeholders, in accordance with our customer-oriented basic policy, by always being close to our customers, listening sincerely to their voices, and valuing their perspectives as the axis of our actions.

1.Responsibility to customers

We aim to achieve a balance of both social value and corporate value by transforming ourselves into a financial services group for the new era by developing a wide variety of products and services that leverage the financial expertise and strengths we have cultivated over our long history. Toward this end, we are always committed to correct our conduct from the perspective of corporate ethics and social norms, and we fulfill our responsibilities to our customers by addressing our customers with sincerity, politeness, and integrity.

Our approach to serving our customers

In order to build a lasting relationship of trust with our valued customers, we will provide the following customer-oriented services.

  • We listen carefully to what our customers have to say, and strive to provide careful and easy-to-understand explanations.
  • We will always receive our customers' opinions with integrity without forgetting to maintain an attitude of "gratitude" toward our customers.
  • We sincerely strive to improve our operations and services based on customers’ opinions.

We believe that the improvement of our employees' work environment is important to provide better service in serving our customers. Therefore, we will take decisive actions to respond to the behaviors such as listed below, including revocation of memberships based on our credit card membership agreement.

  • Inquiries that may interfere with responses to other customers' inquiries by taking a long time or repeatedly asking for a response.
  • Disruptive, intimidating, or threatening behavior to our employees, or other actions that may pose a concern for the safety of our executives and employees.
  • Requests beyond the scope of providing products and services normally required as set forth in the credit card membership agreement.

Initiatives for customer safety and security

We provide safe and secure products and services to enable our customers to realize a lifestyle of abundance.

Customer protection through proper credit assessment

We have established an internal qualification system to enhance the skills of our employee’s credit assessment process for the purpose of providing appropriate credit amounts or limits to each and every customer. Through these initiatives, we strive to enable our customers to use our credit services and products in a sound manner. Specifically, we have established a credit expert evaluation system to maintain and improve credit accuracy, and we " find, train, and promote" personnel who possess potentials to become experts in credit assessment, and appoint them to special positions as "credit experts" by issuing official personnel announcements.

Examination practitioner qualifications Number of qualified holders
Credit expert 485
Credit license A 738
Credit license B 1,311

*As of August 1, 2023

Financial crime prevention

While the cashless society is fully underway in Japan, new payment instruments are being introduced at an accelerated pace, and e-commerce is flourishing, criminal activities are also becoming more technologically sophisticated and advanced. In order to prevent victimization by crimes, we strengthen system security for online use and take prompt action in the event of fraudulent use by unidentified individuals, as well as implement the following measures.

  • Measures against unauthorized use due to loss and theft

    We strive to monitor our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through our fraud detection system

  • Prevention of counterfeit victimization by skimming

    We have achieved a 100% issuance rate of cards with IC chips, and are working to prevent any damage from skimming

  • Anti-phishing fraud

    We have a system in place to detect phishing websites at an early stage and take action to close them down

  • Internet service security measures

    We monitor unauthorized access and implement security measures in compliance with PCIDSS*

    *Credit card industry security standards established to ensure the secure handling of credit card member data

Financial literacy education initiatives

We conduct a variety of financial education and awareness activities in cooperation with local governments and various institutions. Specifically, we contribute to improve the financial literacy of our customers through initiatives aimed at educating the next generation, holding public lectures on the prevention of multiple debts, and disclosing content for new adults on our website.

Responsible sales activities for customers

We believe it is necessary to improve the quality of our executives and employees' sales activities and to build sound and lasting relationships of trust with our business partners, such as member merchants, who are in direct contact with our customers, so that our customers can use our products and services safely and securely.

  • To ensure that our executives and employees develop the knowledge and skills necessary to practice responsible sales behavior, to conduct appropriate business operations for transactions related to credit cards, cash loans business and installment credit business, we encourage our employees to take part in internal trainings on relevant laws, regulations and information security measures, and actively participate in external training programs sponsored by industry associations. We also hold regular survey on our employees to measure the level of understanding of such regulations and trends.
  • We do not have a compensation system that provides excessive incentives to executives and employees so that we can appropriately provide products and services that meet customer satisfaction, without placing overriding emphasis on sales.
  • When engaging in transactions with member merchants and other business partners, we confirm their management policies, products sold, sales methods, as well as other relevant information. We conduct educational activities and provide guidance as appropriate, including compliance with relevant laws and regulations, handling of personal information, and information security measures. Also, we maintain sound business practices through surveys at the time of engaging in transactions and periodic surveys.
  • We have established "procedures for entertainment and gift-giving" for the purpose of preventing fraud and collusion between our executives, employees, and our business partners, such as member merchants, and maintaining sound engagement in transactions. Also, in the event of any violation of the procedures, we take immediate corrective measures and strictly deal with the violations.

Information disclosure

We promptly, accurately and highly transparently disclose important information, such as product information, service revision information, and information leaks, through appropriate media such as our website.

Responsible advertising and marketing

We strive to avoid false or misleading expressions and representations in all points of contact with customers, including the delivery of products and services, advertisements, promotions, and our websites. In addition, in our marketing activities, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations and internal company rules, and ensure that our content and expressions do not infringe on the trust or reputation of others or cause misunderstanding or discomfort, and that we conduct our marketing activities responsibly.

Participation in Initiatives

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations and participate in industry initiatives such as the Japan Consumer Credit Association and the Japan Financial Services Association. Specifically, we support the relevant codes and guidance stipulated by each organization, including the Japan Consumer Credit Association's self-imposed rules for voluntary initiatives aimed at ensuring fairness and sound development of credit transactions and protecting the interests of purchasers, as well as the Financial Services Association's more stringent basic self-regulatory rules based on the provisions of the Money Lending Business Act and other laws and regulations. We are also a member of various other groups and organizations that contribute to the safe and secure economic activities of our customers.

Initiatives involved

Associations Organization overviews
一般社団法人 日本クレジット協会
Japan Consumer Credit Association is a comprehensive organization of the credit industry established in 2009. The purpose of the organization is to protect the interests of consumers and to improve their quality of living by ensuring fairness in credit transactions and proper business operations of businesses engaged in transactions, thereby contributing to the sound development of the credit industry
日本貸金業協会 Japan Financial Services Association
Japan Financial Services Association is the only self-regulatory organization in the money lending industry in Japan, established in December 2007 with the approval of the Prime Minister based on the Money Lending Business Act in order to drastically strengthen the industry's self-regulatory function. The purpose of the organization is to protect the interests of fund demanders and contribute to the proper operation of the money lending industry
ACAP the Association of Consumer Affairs Professionals
Since its establishment in 1980, the Association of Consumer Affairs Professionals, a public interest incorporated association, has been engaged in various training programs, surveys, consumer awareness activities, and exchange activities to promote consumer-oriented management, improve consumer support capabilities, and build mutual trust among consumers, governments, and companies
Fast, Frank, and Friendly Financials ISAC Japan
The purpose of Financials ISAC Japan is to continuously ensure the safety and security of users by sharing and analyzing information on cybersecurity among Japanese financial institutions so as to promote the improvement of the safety of financial institutions
フィッシング対策協議会 Council of Anti-Phishing Japan
The Council of Anti-Phishing Japan aims to create a sound information society in which consumers can safely use online services, which are indispensable to the infrastructure of business transactions, by promoting countermeasures against phishing, mainly through activities such as collecting and providing information and alerting people to phishing

2.Support for customers

To put into practice our basic philosophy of "contributing to society by enabling customers to realize lifestyles of abundance", we shall make various efforts to meet the needs of each and every customer so that no one is left behind in accessing and using the financial services they seek for.

Responding to customers using our products and services

We are working on the following measures for our customers who use our products and services.

  • We support our customers in various matters, such as changes of address and payment account, as well as consultation for problems that our customers may be having.
  • For customers who have payment problems, we provide customer-oriented support for our customers by temporarily changing payment schedules, offering rescheduled products, among other suggestions.
  • For customers who have fallen behind in payment, we provide counseling based on the customer's situation. We also encourage telephone operators who are in contact with customers to improve their individual skills by, for example, obtaining relevant certifications such as credit counselor, to make their efforts more effective.
Qualification titles Number of qualified holders
Consumer Affairs Advisor 12
Credit Counselor
(Advanced Credit Receivables Manager Certification)
Consumer Affairs Professional (CAP) 114

*As of March 31, 2023

Serving customers in need of special consideration

We will make the following efforts to serve customers who require special consideration.

  • For customers with disabilities, we shall establish a system to meet their needs as many different means as possible by practicing communication through e-orico services, e-mail, and SMS, as well as by introducing a telephone relay service.
  • In response to those affected by natural disasters, we promptly set up consultation service and provide assistance through providing rescheduled products and low-interest rate products in the event of a major natural disaster.
    In recent years, we have established a payment consultation service for customers affected by the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, and have posted a toll-free number on our website. We also provide various types of payment counseling, such as reclassification products and a "payment grace service" that temporarily postpones repayments.
FY2020 FY2021
Number of payment consultations due to the influence of novel coronavirus disease 4,585 1,068

3.Customer-oriented business practices

We aim not only to meet but also to exceed our customers' expectations. We listen sincerely to our customers and develop and improve our products and services from the customers' perspective. In addition, to earn the trust of our customers, we consider our customers as our first priority and strive to serve them in a truthful and impartial manner.

Toward CS and CX Improvement

We are committed to providing high quality services to satisfy our customers in every aspect of our business. We regularly survey our executives and employees to assess their level of awareness and conduct a variety of training programs to improve the quality of our customer service. Compliments received from customers are shared throughout the company to encourage our executives and employees.

Initiatives based on customer’s voice

With the aim of becoming " a financial services group for a new era that creates value from the customer's perspective," we sincerely listen to the opinions and requests of our customers and link the voice of customers to the improvement of our products and services. We have established a system to collect and consolidate customer opinions in our internal database "customer voice’s site," analyze and survey customer opinions, and then review and improve our services and products on a company-wide basis.

Providing new customer experience value through the use of digital technology

We believe that the use of digital technology is essential for us to continue to provide products and services that meet our customers' expectations. To this end, we are working to develop DX talents and foster an internal culture that sparks innovation. In addition, through collaboration and co-creation with companies that possess cutting-edge technologies, we will realize the creation of new products and services that meet the needs of the times and pursue user-friendliness for our customers by harnessing customers’ voice.

4.Protection of customers

From the viewpoint of protecting customers' interests and improving convenience, we review and improve our operations as follows.

Management of explanations to customers

We continuously strive to provide our customers with appropriate information and explanations about the fees and details of contracts for transactions, products, and services, in accordance with the customer's knowledge, comprehension, experience, status of use, and purpose of transactions.
We will also ask our business partners to take appropriate actions to provide customers with appropriate information and explanations.

Management of customer support among other customer engagements

When we receive consultations complaints, or other such requests from customers, we will respond to them fairly, promptly, and appropriately with a sincere attitude, and endeavor to resolve the issues with the customer's understanding and consent. We also strive to respond to customers from the customers' perspective and improve our products, services, and operations from the customer's point of view.

Customer information management

We regard the appropriate management of personal information entrusted to us by our customers as an important management issue, and we will acquire customer information appropriately in accordance with laws and regulations, and will not handle such information beyond the scope of the purposes of use or provide it to outside parties without the customer's consent, except as stipulated by laws and regulations. In addition, we take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to, leakage or loss of information, and appropriately manage customer information in accordance with our "basic policy on information security" and "personal information protection policy".

Management of outsourcing

When we outsource our business to outsourcing vendors in the course of transactions with our customers, we require them to take appropriate measures to ensure that customer information is handled properly as well as the way in which they respond to our customers.

5.Compliance efforts

We use the term "compliance" not only to mean "observance of laws and regulations", but also in a broader sense to include observance of social norms such as ethics, as well as internal rules and regulations. We position the thorough implementation of compliance as a basic management principle and strive to establish and promote an internal compliance system.

Compliance approach

To earn the trust of our stakeholders, we have established The Orico Group Code (Oricoad), a code of conduct for all executives and employees to conduct business with higher ethical standards and to promote fair corporate activities. Orico has also established the Orico Helpline, an internal and external whistleblower and consultation contact point, to prevent, detect early, and correct inappropriate conduct. In addition, the compliance committee examines overall compliance issues and problems in the Orico group and discusses and deliberates on a wide range of measures to ensure that compliance becomes widespread and takes root in the company.

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Number of calls to the Orico Helpline (cases) 118 56 62
FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Number of participants in Oricode training (persons) 8,479 8,027 First half:8,183
Second half:8,190
Number of participants in Compliance Top Seminar (persons) 357 389 First half:395
Second half:362

Actions against anti-social forces

We have established a basic policy against antisocial forces to eliminate any relationships, including transactions, with anti-social forces such as organized crime groups that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society. In addition, we conduct periodic employee training for all executives and employees to raise their awareness and ensure that they are fully aware of the importance of our initiatives.

Compliance with the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds

n response to the recent tightening of regulations on international money laundering and terrorist financing , "money laundering and terrorist financing", of financial institutions, we have positioned the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing as one of the most important management issues and have established a basic policy against money laundering and terrorist financing and are working on its implementation. In addition to implementing the various procedures required of specified businesses in specified transactions, we conduct periodic training for all executives and employees to foster awareness and ensure thorough implementation of our efforts.

Anti-bribery efforts

We have long been committed to maintaining the soundness of our anti-bribery system by establishing comprehensive standards, including those for public servants, in our "procedures for entertainment and gift-giving". In addition, with respect to entertainment and gifts overseas, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "Guidelines for the Prevention of Bribery of Foreign Public Officials" requires companies doing business outside Japan to establish an anti-bribery system as part of their internal control system, we have established anti-bribery rules and regulations and are working to prevent the provision of entertainment and gifts to foreign public officials and others through the appropriate application of these rules and regulations. Involvement in bribery could lead to a loss of public trust in our company and could also have serious repercussions that could shake the very foundation of our company's existence. Therefore, we are united in our company-wide efforts to prevent bribery and take a firm stand against such bribery.