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Annual report 2019

Annual Report 2019

The Orico Group consists of Orient Corporation (Orico or the Company), 14 consolidated subsidiaries and five associates accounted for by the equity method. The Orico Group’s main operations are consumer finance services. The Orico Group also offers a wide variety of other services to meet customers’ needs such as credit collection services, and credit-related outsourcing business. As one of the largest consumer credit companies in Japan, Orico provides installment credit business, credit cards and cash loans business, settlement and guarantee business and bank loan guarantee business through a network of 113 domestic branches. These financial business are also available nationwide through more than 813,000 member merchants. Orico’s business dates back to 1954, when Hiroshima Coupon was founded. In 1974, all businesses were merged and succeeded by Orient Finance, the former name of Orico, which was in corporated in 1951.