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Disaster Prevention, Mitigation, and Support Efforts; Track Record of Donations and Sponsorships

We are deeply committed to initiatives concerning disaster prevention, mitigation, and providing support in the aftermath. Furthermore, we take an active role in addressing social challenges by generously donating and sponsoring relevant initiatives.

Orico's Initiatives for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation, and Recovery Support

We are working together with our head office, branches, and group companies to prepare for disasters, mitigate and prevent disasters together with local communities and other stakeholders, and strengthen our systems on a daily basis. We are also working with our stakeholders on various measures to take a step forward toward disaster recovery.

Countermeasures for Infectious Diseases (New Coronavirus and Influenza)

In anticipation of emergencies due to the spread of infections such as the novel coronavirus and influenza, we have established contingency plans and internal manuals to ensure the continuity of essential operations related to credit card and loan applications and usage at our key locations. We strive to provide thorough understanding and implementation among all employees.

Installation of AED (Automated External Defibrillators)

We have installed AEDs at our head office, annex office, Tsurugashima Building, and other company-owned buildings. We conduct lifesaving activity courses to prepare for emergencies. We anticipate not only our employees and visitors but also residents and passers-by using these devices installed on the first floor of each building.

Regional Cooperation (Measures for People Stranded During Disasters)

Since its establishment in 2006, we have participated in the "Yotsuya Station Area Stranded Persons Countermeasure Regional Cooperation Association", composed of companies and organizations near our headquarters. We participate in the "Chiyoda Ward Stranded Persons Response Training" held annually and engage in promoting measures for people who cannot return home during disasters. On October 24, 2017, we signed an agreement with Chiyoda Ward to accept stranded individuals during large-scale disasters and provide them with food, water, blankets, toilets, and other equipments, at temporary accommodations for about 72 hours.

Stockpiling of Supplies

In preparation for the cessation of social infrastructure and restrictions on all employees returning home at once during disasters, we have stockpiled disaster-related food and equipment for all full-time employees at all locations.

Promoting Disaster Awareness Among Employees

We conduct the following job training in preparation for disasters and cases of catastrophe: practice training on the safety confirmation system, to which part-time workers are also subject; distribution of the "Major Earthquake Handbook" to all employees; regularly conducted fire drills and evacuation drills assuming a fire with participation from over 100 employees at the head office; improvement of disaster response capabilities.

Major Initiatives for Recovery and Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake

We will continue our support activities to assist as much as possible in rebuilding the lives of those affected by this disaster and recovering and reconstructing industries. Employee volunteer activities include support through the employee cafeteria, support through credit card business (Matching Gift), support for children in collaboration with sports athletes, and continuation of volunteer activities in the disaster area.

Donation Record

We accept Orico's point service "Kurasumairu" at 200 smiles as 1,000 yen and "Orico Points" at 1,000 Orico points as 1,000 yen, adding an equivalent amount for donation.

Active Collaboration with the Non-Profit Sector

List of Affiliated Organizations

  • The SDGs for Regional Revitalization Public-Private Partnership Platform (RRPPP)
  • TCFD Consortium
  • United Nations World Food Program (WFP) Association
  • Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan
  • Japan Philanthropic Association
  • Fujimino City Social Welfare Council
  • Japan Service Dog Association

Social Contribution Cards

We issue social contribution cards as part of our social contribution activities with our card members through our credit card business. These cards have a feature allowing a portion of the card usage amount to be donated to our affiliated organizations without burdening the cardholder. This provides a mechanism for enabling members to make sustainable social contributions by using our cards.