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CX Initiatives

In addition to Customer Protection addressing our most important stakeholder, our customers, we listen sincerely to their voices and value their perspectives.

Other CS/CX Activities

We are strengthening programs and training to raise the CS/CX mindset to encourage our
employees to change their mindset, as well as establishing a commendation system to improve EX and employee engagement.

Employee recognition schemes

We have set up multiple recognition schemes to improve employee motivation.

CX Awards

We recognize and award employees and organizations performing excellent CS/CX activities that serve as a model for the entire company.

Orico Challenge Cup

We host a nationwide skills contest each year to foster a culture of effective talent development, aimed at improving customer service skills at each of our branches.

TQC National Presentation Event

We recognize and award employees and organizations that have demonstrated high customer satisfaction and improved business efficiency.

Employee training

We regularly conduct employee development training to improve skill sets relative to customer satisfaction.

Initiatives for improving employee engagement

Thank You Card

Heightening engagement by having employees express their gratitude to each other through cards or electronically.

Thanks to Orico

Improving employee motivation by sharing “words of gratitude” and “words of praise” received from customers for our services and products.

CS awareness survey

We conduct an annual survey to understand the level of awareness towards improving CS among employees and to evaluate the effectiveness of our various measures.

From the 2021 CS Awareness Survey

Engaged actively: 58.5%
                                        Engaged to some extent: 34.6%
                                        Neither engaged nor disengaged: 6.5%
                                        Not particularly engaged: 0.4%
                                        Not engaged: 0.1%
Q:Are you consciously trying to improve CR on a daily basis?

Customer surveys

We conduct monitoring surveys and customer satisfaction surveys at each of our contact centers, using the feedback and requests we receive to enhance our improvement measures.

Certified Under an Internationally Recognized Quality Assurance Standard (COPC®)

In March 2021, our Orico Card Center and Tokyo First Service Center, both of which handle customer support, obtained certification under the COPC® CX Standards CSP Version Release 6.1, an international standard for the evaluation of contact center operations.

In addition, for continuously maintaining COPC certification for over two years, our company was awarded the CX Excellence Award at the Proceed Benchmark Summit 2022, held in November 2022. Proceed Benchmark Summit 2022