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Local Community Engagement

Activities to build deeper connections with the local community

Registered as Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Barrier-free Mindsets" Support Corporation

Registered as Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Barrier-free Mindsets" Support Corporation

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is promoting "Barrier-free Mindsets" to create a city where everyone can move around smoothly and enjoy various activities, not only by improving facilities, but also by thinking about a society and environment where all people can participate equally and continue to take necessary actions. In order to foster social momentum for "Barrier-free Mindsets", companies that work to raise awareness among their employees are registered as "Barrier-free Mindsets supporting companies", and our company was registered in FY2019.

We strive to be an attractive company where diverse talents can thrive. We promote inclusion and diversity by engaging in activities such as human rights awareness, employing people with disabilities, and providing career support for senior employees. Furthermore, we are committed to expanding various policies to ensure that all employees can balance their work with childcare, caregiving, and other responsibilities. As part of our community engagement efforts, we collaborate with organizations that support the employment of people with disabilities and organize internal sales events. By hosting these sales events, we strive to raise awareness of what these organizations do and promote community building with the local society.

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare's Website
  • Our "Barrier-free Mindsets" initiatives

Bus Wrapping Project

Since 2014, we have been operating employee commuter buses wrapped in artwork by children from Fujimino City, where our main office annex is located, to increase opportunities to interact and raise awareness amongst their residents.

Renewed on November 8, 2021, for the fourth time.
In collaboration with the city of Fujimino City, we hosted an art contest for the children with the theme "Smiles". We received submissions from 142 participants, including 38 from Orico employees' children. These artworks have been used to wrap two buses.

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Donation of educational puzzles to Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture

On November 20, 2017, we donated educational puzzles that were created during the induction training to Fujimino City in Saitama Prefecture

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Donation of Building Block Toys and Chopsticks to Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

On May 28, 2018, we donated building block toys and chopsticks that were created during our induction training program and internal volunteer activities to Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
We collaborated with the NPO The Life style Research Institute of Forests to work on the "Wood Utilization Project." In this project, 126 new employees and 29 existing employees participated in learning about the environment while utilizing thinned wood to create various products.

We donated 10 sets of building block toys and 70 pairs of chopsticks to seven children's centers and child care facilities located within Chiyoda Ward.

  Facility Name Number of Building Block Toys Number of Chopsticks
1 Nishikanda Children's Center 1 10
2 Kanda Children's Hall 1 10
3 Yonbancho Children's Hall 1 10
4 Ichibancho Children's Hall 1 10
5 Fujimi Wanpaku Hiroba 2 10
6 Izumi Kodomo Plaza 2 10
7 Childcare Plaza "Ai-Port" Kojimachi 2 10