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In our company, we consider compliance to be one of the most important challenges in management. We view compliance not only as adhering to legal regulations but also encompassing corporate ethics and social norms. Our business activities are built upon the trust of our customers and society, and we believe that this trust forms the very foundation of our business.

The Orico Group Code of Conduct

We consider conduct risks that could impair corporate value to be significant management risks. Taking into account current societal demands, we revised "The Orico Group Code" in 2022 as a new code of conduct to guide "right actions" from a societal perspective, and we are committed to promoting fair corporate activities.


Compliance System

  1. Compliance Committee
    Established in October 2000 with the aim of promoting compliance in Orico and its group companies and improving corporate value as a company contributing to society, the Compliance Committee is composed of a chairperson, vice-chairpersons, and standing members. The standing members include lawyers from outside the company. The Committee discusses and examines issues and problems related to compliance throughout the Orico Group, as well as measures to permeate and establish compliance, and reports to the President and the Director and the Board of Directors as appropriate.
  2. Corporate Compliance Group
    The Corporate Compliance Group, consisting of the Compliance Administration Department (Compliance Office and AML Office) and the Legal Department, plays a central role in promoting and establishing compliance within the Orico Group. The Corporate Compliance Group oversees the Orico Group's compliance activities and serves as the secretariat for the Compliance Committee and the internal reporting system (Orico Helpline). The Corporate Compliance Group also maintains an internal control system to ensure proper business operations in accordance with laws, regulations, and internal rules. The Compliance Office is responsible for planning and formulating measures to deal with antisocial forces, strengthening cooperation with external specialized agencies, planning and formulating education and training programs to prevent any relationship with antisocial forces, and collecting and managing information on antisocial forces and crimes.
    The AML Office was newly established as a specialized department for the purpose of further strengthening our anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing measures. The AML Office oversees the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, collects information on regulatory trends, provides training to officers and employees, and handles other important new cases that may arise.
    The Legal Department, as a department specializing in corporate legal affairs, is in charge of overall legal checks, as well as preparing training materials and providing information on legal matters.

Internal Reporting System

Internal Whistleblowing System (Orico Helpline)

Orico and its group companies have positioned compliance (observance of laws, ethics, and other relating matters) as one of the most important management issues. To enhance compliance management, promote fair corporate activities, and improve corporate value, we have established the "Orico Helpline" as an internal and external whistleblowing/consultation window to detect and address violations and potentially violative actions at an early stage, enhancing the company's self-purifying function and striving to prevent fraud and scandals. Of the whistle-blowing cases, those deemed important by the head of the Compliance Group are investigated by the Audit and Supervisory Committee to further strengthen governance. As a measure to spread the whistleblowing system, we have created helpline mobile cards, posters, and user guides, and are working to make known contact information, reporting methods, and reporting targets (fraud, procedural violations, information leakage, harassment, collusion prevention). In addition, we are working to improve employees' compliance awareness through information posting on the internal intranet and level-specific training.

Protection of Whistleblowers

At the Orico Helpline, we are making efforts to establish a system that employees can use with peace of mind, such as prohibiting disadvantageous treatment of reporting employees, thoroughly maintaining confidentiality regarding reports, and setting up external windows that can respond to telephone reports even on holidays and weekday nights. The operation status of the helpline is regularly reported to the Compliance Committee.
Detailed records of reports to the Orico Helpline can be found on the following page:

Compliance Initiatives

Cultivation of Compliance Awareness

Education & Training

Our group-wide training programs, differentiated by rank and position, always include compliance training, and we continuously work on employee education to enhance the penetration and establishment of compliance throughout the company.

①Compliance Top Seminar

To promote the penetration and establishment of compliance, understanding and strong leadership from the top management are necessary. At Orico Group, we host "Compliance Top Seminars" for executives of Orico and executives of group companies. We invite attorneys and specialists in compliance & CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to these seminars to provide lectures on compliance management.

②The Orico Group Code Training

We analyze the causes of past violations, share attitudes needed for prevention, and conduct company-wide in-house training aimed at creating an open work environment that prevents non-compliance with the The Orico Group Code.

Spreading Awareness

Compliance Guidebook

To practice compliance, we clarify in an easy-to-understand manner the "attitudes and stances" required, the "initial responses" all staff should know, and "what we need as we work in the Orico Group". As a training tool that staff can learn autonomously, we have created a "Compliance Guidebook" and distributed it to all staff in the Orico Group for use in workplace training.

Compliance DVD

We use a Compliance DVD as a teaching material for new employee training and on-the-job training in the workplace, contributing to the penetration and establishment of compliance within the Orico Group.

Promotion of Various Qualifications

We promote the acquisition of various qualifications that form the foundation for practicing compliance.