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Shopping credit

With many decades of shopping credit experience
Nowadays we focus on providing services in areas particularly related to housing and education in hopes of playing a useful role encompassing many aspects of our customers’ lives.

Providing a full range of services related to housing

We offer various options for credit related to housing, ranging from those involving residential renovations as well as home fixtures for kitchens and wet areas, to energy-related products such as solar power generation systems, storage batteries, all-electric conversion and ENE-FARM systems.

Readily available credit to cover costs of home remodeling

Housing renovation loans for family

These loans involve credit to cover costs of home renovation as well as expenses for purchasing and installing home equipment and devices. Available by means of simple application procedures, these funds can be used for various types of home remodeling projects.

Creation, accumulation and conservation of energy

Electric conversion remodeling loans Eco Solar Loan

These loans provide credit for home renovation projects that include all-electric conversion as well as installation of solar power generation systems and storage batteries. We furnish comprehensive backup support to sales establishments by providing them with proposals for business expansion, various pamphlets, tools for making preliminary estimates and tools for sales promotion.

Support for moving into rental properties

Credit for moving expenses

This type of credit helps cover security deposits, guarantee deposits, key money and other outlays incurred when taking up residence in a rental property.

Support for helping people achieve more fulfilling lifestyles

We provide convenient access to credit for education, medical care and other important aspects of everyday life.

Helping ensure bright futures for children

School expense support plan

Under its school expense support plans, Orico makes upfront payments to schools on behalf of those assuming education costs, with respect to school entrance fees, tuition, costs of books and materials, training costs and other education-related expenditures, and those assuming education costs then repay the borrowings through monthly installments. Upon completing applications for the credit online, families are able to choose from among various payment options commensurate with their lifestyle planning.
These plans help facilitate a greater range of enrollment opportunities and support schoolwork by providing schools with more options in terms of scholarship programs.
These plans offering installment-based payment of educational costs arranged in partnership with educational institutions are already in use by 2,100 universities, junior colleges, vocational schools and high schools throughout Japan, and in recent years are increasingly being adopted by national public universities as well.

Support for the automotive lifestyle of your dreams

Loan for driving school (operator-type)

This type of credit helps cover costs of driving instruction. Borrowers are able to readily complete the loan application process with telephone-based support of our full-time operators.

Making the wedding you have been longing for a reality

Wedding Support Plan

We provide financial support that helps our customers turn their ideal wedding into a reality. We also cater to customer needs with respect to accepting partial early repayment making use of congratulatory money received by the bride and groom.

Ensuring proper dental health indefinitely

Web dental credit

This lending program provides funds needed to pay for dental implants, braces and other treatments not covered by insurance, available upon completing a simple application process online.