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Personal Information Protection Policy

On the basis of our fundamental principle that values relationships of trust and contributes to society by enabling customers to realize lifestyles of abundance, Orient Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "we") handles personal information in accordance with this policy.

Established: April 1, 2002
Revised: January 1, 2023

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
    We comply with laws, regulations, guidelines issued by related ministries and agencies, the ”Personal Information Protection Guidelines,” and other standards concerning the protection of personal information.
  2. Use and acquisition of personal information
    We specify and disclose the purpose of personal information use whenever possible, taking measures to ensure the usage remains within the scope necessary to achieve that purpose and avoiding usage for any other purpose. When collecting personal information through credit applications or similar means, consent is obtained after clearly stating the intended purpose.
  3. Provision of Personal Information and other relating means
    As a general principle, we obtain prior consent when providing personal information to third parties or when acquiring information related to personal information as personal information from third parties. When providing personal information to our partner companies or affiliated companies, we ensure that these companies handle the information appropriately, in line with our standards.
  4. Prohibition of inappropriate use
    We do not use personal information through methods that may encourage or induce unlawful or unjust acts.
  5. Protection of personal information
    We safeguard personal information, taking appropriate preventative and corrective measures in relation to unauthorized access, loss, alteration, leakage, and other incidents, as well as providing internal training to promote personal information protection and proper handling.
  6. Outsourcing
    When outsourcing the use of personal information, we select partners that maintain appropriate standards of personal information protection, managing and supervising these partners appropriately to ensure the safe handling of personal information entrusted to them.
  7. Disclosure of personal information and other relating means
    We comply with requests for the disclosure of personal information that we hold or the records of personal information provided to third-parties in accordance with our prescribed procedures. Any inaccuracies found in the disclosed information shall be promptly corrected.
  8. Personal Information Protection Management System
    We continuously review our Personal Information Protection Management System and strive to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information.
  9. Inquiries regarding personal information
    We provide a contact point to promptly and appropriately respond to feedback and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information.

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Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

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